What is Process Technology? - Definition, Ideas, Techniques,

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What is Process Technology? - Definition, Ideas, Techniques,

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What is Process Technology? - Definition, Ideas, Techniques,

Process technology is a broad category that holds a variety of different types of manufacturing expertise. Essentially, process technology encompasses everything from product design to manufacturing and distribution. When you think about it, there are various stages of the manufacturing process that all rely on one another to be successful. For example, if the product designer can’t produce an effective prototype in 3D modeling software, then production will never happen. This is just one example of how process technology is important for manufacturing. 

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 What is Process Technology?


Technology has been a foundational element of manufacturing, developing at a rapid pace to improve cost-effectiveness, flexibility, efficiency, and ultimately to cut down costs for customers.

Process technologies include chemical, mechanical, electrical and electronics and can be used to develop products from prototyping, to finished products. Process technologies are the subject of the biggest shifts in the development and production of manufactured goods, as they automate and coordinate a wide variety of activities from formulation to finished goods.

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