Tips for Buying a Projector: What You Need to Know

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Tips for Buying a Projector: What You Need to Know

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Over the past year, Consumer Reports' phone has been ringing off the hook with callers complaining about poor picture quality from their projectors, and wondering why they couldn't get the same quality from their home theater PCs.


All it takes is for the image to appear softer or fainter than it did on the projector screen and it might be time to shop for a new one, or perhaps you just need a refresher course on the best kinds of projectors to buy and how to choose the right one for your needs.


What to Look For in a Projector?


To be fair, home theater PCs are more than capable of displaying video properly, but they generally don't have projection systems.


Choosing your projector

Having a projector at your next party or presentation shouldn't be a hard decision. The best part is that it can be your secret weapon for proving how tech-savvy you are.


To help you choose, we've made a list of things you should look for before buying a projector. Some of these things you may not have thought about. We'll get you prepared for a projector purchase before it’s too late.


Equipment to check when you go to buy a projector


Not sure what equipment to look for when shopping for a projector? Let's check them out.


What is the brand of the projector?


It's very important to check out the projector brand. Make sure you don't buy a cheap one. However, do choose a premium brand if possible. A good quality projector that’s out of date, like an old Sharp projector, is just bad.


Projector Size

You should measure your room size when picking a projector. For most people, this will be approximately 12-by-20 feet.


Screen Size


There are three screen sizes: 16:9, 4:3, and 2:2. The 4:3 and 2:2 screens should be on a projector. If you have a 4:3 screen you need to get a projector with an appropriate aspect ratio.


Laser Dimensions


The length of a laser diode tube. Laser diodes can range in size from about 1 millimeter to 16 millimeters in diameter. If your projector is too big, you can use a laser diode extender. If your projector is too small, you'll need a projector adapter (which sells for under $100).




You can take a new projector and get a 720p HD resolution. Or, with a good projector, you can get 1080p resolution.


The technology and features you need

First impressions matter. Projectors take a while to warm up to, especially the ones designed for small or outdoor spaces. So it's important to have at least a few minutes to get to know the projector before you plop down on the couch.


Know what you want: A projector's primary purpose is to project a video or presentation, not to make music, photos, or have complex interactions with other devices. For this reason, they can't run games or other apps, and you won't find built-in smart techs like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. If you want to play Spotify or a mobile game, get a game controller.


Next, consider how you want to use the projector.


Buying a projector for your home theater

With the advent of cheap high-definition digital projectors, home theaters have become a thing of the past. Instead, many viewers watch their TV on a TV set or a monitor. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a larger and higher-quality image on a small screen with the help of a projector. Projectors can produce larger screen sizes and a wider variety of screen sizes, so you can watch your movie and TV on a big screen without having to crank up your speakers. But before you drop the big bucks on a projector, take a look at some of the important things you need to know.


Here’s a summary of the key features to consider when buying a projector, along with tips for making the right choice.


Size and Features


Projectors come in two main sizes.


The Best Projectors for Different Needs

If you’re searching for a projector, you’re looking for the ultimate solution to boost your movie-watching experience. If you have a pretty expansive space with enough space to display, you’re ready to buy a projector. But, what are the best projectors for different situations? What features are you looking for to pair with your specific needs?


You’ve found the ultimate projector. Now you just need to figure out how to buy it! Whether you’re buying from a big-box retailer or a website that offers the latest and greatest of the year, here are some pointers to help you walk away with the right projector for your needs.


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For the reader interested in buying a projector, the following pointers should be helpful:


Identify the features you are looking for


Before you start shopping for the right projector, it is good to take a look at what you are interested in buying.