Save Google Photos to Camera Roll: Easiest Way

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Save Google Photos to Camera Roll: Easiest Way

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Save Google Photos to Camera Roll: Easiest Way

Save google photos is very essential for our life. Google Photos is a free service that offers live, automatic backup for photos and videos. It also has a powerful search function and an album feature that helps you organize your memories.

However, there may be times when you want to save photos from Google Photos to your camera roll. For example, if it’s easier for you to edit the photo on your phone or if you need a bigger screen for viewing purposes. Here are some steps to show how to download photos from Google Photos into your camera roll in a few easy steps.

Section 1: Find all your photos on Google Photos

1. How to find your Google Photos

Go to the Google Photos website.

2. How to open the website

Go to Photos.

3. How to find your photos on the Google Photos website

Click the Sign-Up button.

4. Enter your username, and password, or sign in using Facebook or a Google Account.

5. Click the “Make an account” button.

6. Click on the link to log in/ sign in, to make sure you are signed in to your Google account.

7. Click the “Manage my account” button to the right of your Google Photos profile picture.

8. Scroll down to the Google Photos app. Click on the 3 dot menu () to the right of your photo. Select “Photos & videos”.

9. Click on “Edit”

10. You will be on a screen that says "Storing photos & videos…" Click the "+" next to "edit"

Select the photos you want to save

Select the Download button

Hitting the Download button will download photos stored in your Google Photos app

How to save Google Photos to Your Camera Roll with Android

Launch the Google Photos app

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the app

Tap Settings

Navigate to General and Choose “Subscribe with your Google Account”

Tap Sign In and Agree to The Terms and Conditions

Download your Google Photos and upload it to Google Photos

*Note: Android is not the only operating system that has Android Photos. If you’re a Windows user, just search your Windows device or smartphone for Photos. If you’re on a Mac or a Linux desktop, you’ll want to use a photo uploading app. I personally use Snapseed.

Copy the link to the photo

Click here to open Google Photos. Open your settings page and click on photo upload.

Click on the upload a picture button.

Search for the photo you want to download.

Click on Save the photo.

Click on the Download button when you have found the photo.

Once you download the file click on Save again.

If you don’t want to download the file you can right-click and delete it.

Convert the photo to a .jpg file by clicking here.

Click on the Save button.

Once you are done you can click on Download again.

All files can be downloaded

Also, find the files and click on the Download button. The files will be stored on your computer.

Note- You can delete the files you have downloaded anytime by going to the image page or by deleting the link of the image from the photostream page.

Paste the link into your browser

from your browser Click the Download Now button

button Wait a moment while Google Photos automatically grabs the files.

Now that you have your photos, what’s next?

Transferring Photos from Your Google Account to Your Phone

If you transfer photos from your Google Photos account to your phone, you have to do it manually every time you change phones.

For this method, first, download the Google Photos app for your Android phone.

Next, you need to sign in to your Google account and grant it permission to download your photos from Google Photos. Then, simply install Google Photos for Android.

From there, you can transfer your photos to your phone. Here’s how:

Download Google Photos for Android

Make sure you’ve downloaded the Google Photos app.

section 5.1 Select "Save Image" on the browser

Note: Remember to not save images using an extension


How to Download Google Photos to Your Camera Roll: Dropbox

Change Your Default User Password:

Change Your Default Password:

Windows: Click Start, type "change password" in the search box, then click "Change Password".

: Click Start, type "change password" in the search box, then click "Change Password". Mac: Click the Menu icon, then select "account", then select "change password".

: Click, then select "account", then select "change password". Chrome: Click the menu icon, click Settings, then select Change Password.

: Click the menu icon, click, then select Change Password. Firefox: Click the menu icon, click Options, then select Change Password.

: Click the menu icon, click, then select Change Password.

section 5.2 Select "Open in New Window" on the browser

6. Select Save Google Photos to Camera Roll

NOTE: If you need to download photos for downloading purposes or for any reason, you can download photos using Photos. You can open up your Photos app and see all your photos sorted into different categories, including pictures of places or the kids. Here's what you do:

1. Search for a picture you want to download, then choose "Open in Photos" to open the Google Photos app. Then, you can tap on the photo, then select "Share" to open a box with a couple of options. Choose "Save to Camera Roll" and you're set.

section 6.1 Choose where to save it (Camera Roll)

If you are really into Google Photos and don’t want to risk losing all of the photos you’ve stored in Google Photos, you need to be careful with where you choose to save them. In the “Google Photos: On the Cloud” section, the image is saved to your Google Photos Cloud Account, where it stays for 90 days. After that, Google Photos will start deleting any photos that are more than 3 months old. At some point, there is a chance that you’ll not be able to access your photos in a year unless you pay for another year of storage.

If you still want Google Photos to save your photos to your camera roll, then you can avoid this problem by choosing where you want to save them.

section 6.2 Choose where to download it (Computer)

10:05 AM

Google Photos is a fantastic service that makes your photos searchable and readily available across devices. It’s usually quick and easy to download a local copy of your Google Photos library on your computer, but you might not be able to access that on mobile. Thankfully, the process is quite simple and the result will likely match the result you were looking for:

This is very straightforward. Find the folder containing your Google Photos library. Open a folder (usually a directory called “Photos”), right-click, select “Open As” and select “Download to Camera Roll”. You can also try dragging and dropping the file into the downloaded folder. Once it’s in the folder, simply drag it into the Photos folder on your computer.

section 7.1 Open Camera Roll, find the new photo, and press "Save Photo"

Firefox Focus is a privacy-minded browser that blocks ads and analytics and keeps your data private by blocking trackers and cookies, preserving your passwords, and localizing data you send to advertisers. In addition to Private Browsing mode, which blocks all web trackers, the app also includes access to a special Silk Mode that allows you to run the web with few or no tracking permissions.

Earlier this week Firefox released version 7.1 of Firefox Focus for Android that includes a new Find My Pics option that allows you to easily download all of your photos from your device's Camera Roll and saved albums.

The feature is only available in version 7.1, which is currently available on the Play Store.

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To view your unlisted photos, go to Settings > Backup & sync and turn it on. You can also share photos via Google Photos via Gmail, but make sure to uncheck that box before sharing photos.

The next thing to consider is: Will you still be using Google Photos for backup in the future? It's a possibility that Google Photos is replaced by some other service down the road, so it's always worth thinking about.

But Google Photos is still one of the best photo backup services out there, and the fact that it works on Android and iOS devices is a pretty awesome advantage. For most people, Google Photos is going to be the best option.