how to unlock iphone passcode without computer your secret privacy

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You can get a clear idea how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer in this vast informative post. We have listed some easy solutions on how to unlock iPhone or iPad passcode

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How to unlock an iPhone passcode without a computer?


For any Android user, it is important to know how to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer.  To protect the device's data. Apple provides three ways to protect the device from unauthorized users. Including Face, ID, passcode, and password protection. The passcode is an essential function used when your device is not ready to recognize your face or fingerprint.


It is frustrating if you do not have a computer to unlock your locked iPhone. Here we present simple ways that will help you unlock the iPhone without a computer.


In general, there are numerous official ways to unlock an iPhone device without using a computer. However, all available methods require deleting the device and then restoring it with a backup. Which suggests needing the computer. So while following this guide here, we will introduce three ways to unlock iPhone passcode. You will try to unlock your iPhone with Find My iPhone, enter recovery mode and collect cash from third-party tools. All three methods will delete your iPhone. Make sure you get a backup.


How to unlock an iPhone passcode without a computer?


Not surprisingly, after several failed attempts to enter the passcode, access was blocked. But there are several steps to locking the iPhone that calculate what percentage of the passcode you got wrong:


Try 1 to 5. Wrong passcode. You got five attempts to execute correctly.

Attempt 6. The iPhone will lock for 1 minute before you try again.

Attempt 7. The iPhone will lock for five minutes before you try again.

Attempt 8. The iPhone will lock for one-fourth before you try again.

Attempt 9. The iPhone will lock for one hour before you try again.

Attempt 10. The iPhone is going to be inactive until it connects to iTunes.


There are pros and cons to the current system. But after ten attempts, you will face the big problem of not having access to a computer. Therefore, the next targeted point is to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer.


At this stage, there are two methods that you will try.


How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using the Sire Bug


Another possible solution is with the help of Siri bugs and notes that this doesn't work for everyone because it was patched in a recent iOS update.


However, if you have a few updates on the back. It can do the trick for how to unlock the iPhone passcode without a computer.


Step 1. Hold down the mouse button to trigger Siri and say, "Hey Siri, what time is it?".

Step 2. After the time is displayed on the screen, tap the clock icon that can open the app.

Step Sir. Hold down the mouse button to trigger Siri; this point says, "don't bother."

Step 4. The Settings app will launch. When you press the mouse button, your iPhone will have unlocked access.


How to unlock iPhone passcode without a computer using web service to reset


The ultimate solution to reset iPhone without a passcode and a computer is a web service specializing in this process. Using this service will remotely disconnect the passcode. Therefore the best thing about it is that your data will not be deleted.


Among the services available, we prefer for its easy-to-use and affordable price. Here's how it works. How to unlock an iPhone passcode without a computer.


Step 1. Join in resetting the DirectUnlocks passcode from the menu.

Step 2. Type the serial number of your purchased iPhone in the box and click on "iPhone Passcode Reset Software."

Step 3. The next page will guide you on how to purchase this service.

Step 4. After making the payment, the final instructions will guide you through the rest of the process.

By using a web service to unlock your iPhone. You can quickly and completely fix it. DirectUnlocks Unlock is a particularly effective way of processing.


Find My iPhone option How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer


Suppose you have another iOS device like iPhone or iPad. In that case, you will use the Find My iPhone function to delete your iPhone without a computer. Involved with this function, you will easily unlock your iPhone in a few simple steps.


Step 1. Initially, you need to download and install the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone device.

Step 2. Log in there with your generated Apple ID and password and then, you can enter the Apple Account Login Certificate and click "Sign In."


Step Now. Now, you'll find all the working devices on the map that are connected to an equivalent of account.


Step then. Then, tap your device and choose Lock.

Step 5. Tap on Actions and select "Erase iPhone” and it may delete all data from your locked device.

Step 6. After deleting your iPhone, you want to line up your iPhone, click on "Restore from iCloud Backup," and enter the iCloud details to restore the backup.

Step 7. Now you have unlocked your iPhone passcode

How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer by easily entering the recovery mode


Another way to bypass your iPhone password is to enter recovery mode and restore your iPhone with iTunes backup. If you are good with it, keep reading and see how it works.


Step 1. Press and hold the convenience and housing buttons at the same time. If your iPhone does not have a mechanical home button, press the side button and the volume up / down button. You'll see the Apple logo shortly after that, but hold down the buttons; Wait until you see the recovery-mode screen.

Step 2. Launch Finder or iTunes on your self computer.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to PC, find your iPhone in iTunes or Finder and click on it.

Step 4. This will prompt you to sit on one of the choices on your screen. Choose the option that says Restore to revive your device.


There is a way to unlock a disabled iPhone without Siri, Passcode, iTunes, or the computer using iCloud


Now to unlock your iPhone passcode without using a computer or using the iCloud

First, you will reset iPhone 12/11 / Xs / XR / X / 8/7/6 without passcode and computer using iCloud.

Because of this situation, you must regularly back up your iPhone data to use this simple solution and restore the backup later.


All you need is access to the iCloud account connected to the iPhone, and you get started.


Step 1. On any device, tablet, or someone else's mobile, join

Step 2. Check-in with an equivalent iCloud account connected to the iPhone you want to reset.

Step 3. Navigate to the "Find My iPhone" page and select your iPhone from the list of devices at the top of the screen.

Step 4. In the box that appears, please click "Erase iPhone." Then confirm this by clicking and "Delete" again.

Step 5. The factory reset process will take a few minutes. Once this is done, locate your iPhone, and therefore the passcode will be gone.

Again, your data will be gone after you do this. However, aside from data loss, this is still an effective way to unlock an iPhone.

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How to unlock iPhone passcode without a computer if your iPhone activation lock is locked

 After bypassing the iPhone passcode with the above methods, you will see that your iPhone is locked in an iCloud activation lock.

 The official way is to ask for your Apple ID and password back. If you are not the previous owner, you may want to contact them to remove your iPhone from their iCloud account.

 If you do not have access to your previous owner, you will need to use an unlock service or software to remove iCloud.

 How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer: Tips To Remember Your Passcode


In this final section, we've put together a few helpful tips for you. These will help you remember your passcode again so that you don't have to unlock iPhone passcode without a computer.


1. Enter the password slowly and make sure you are entering the correct number

2. Try the most obvious passwords (e.g., 1234, 4321, or your birthday)

3. You need to try all your passwords. You've got ten attempts.

4. Remember to create a password once, and trust which password you used the most at that time

5. If your passcode contains letters, make sure you are not in capital letters (or you are only)

6. If you want to remove the passcode of the iPhone forcibly, you can buy a password cracking software

Remember these, and you will always remember your passcode again. A number of these may seem silly, but they have proven to be very convenient when needed.



And finally, you can use your iPhone at your optimum level.