how to reset iphone without passcode and computer an emergency affairs

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How to reset iphone without passcode and computer

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How to reset iPhone without passcode and computer

First of all, you need to know how to reset your iPhone without a passcode and computer. And why you have to reset your iPhone and. Maybe you want to sell your iPhone or upgrade the phone. Maybe you've locked out your iPhone and can't remember its passcode anymore. If you have forgotten the passcode, if you enter the wrong passcode five times in a row, your iPhone will pop up and be disabled for some time. You are in danger with the wrong passcode due to haste. You don't even have a computer by your side to repair it in an emergency. This time or issue is very annoying. To solve this problem, you should read this tutorial carefully and follow the methods how to reset your iPhone without a passcode and computer.

 You will become an expert in this regard. You don't have to depend on anyone else in case of an emergency. And your iPhone will be safe, and you will be hassle-free.

 Learn about How to reset iPhone without a passcode and computer

iCloud enables its users to reset their iPhones without a passcode or computer. Find my phone? One of the functions is to help reset the phone. Hope this will meet how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer.


The primary purpose of Find My Phone was to help users find their stolen or lost iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. However, this feature helps to how to reset iPhone without a passcode and computer.

 Conversely, this method will delete all your data from the phone. But if your iCloud already has your data backed up, restoring it when your phone is reset is no big deal.


However, without backup, you will have the unfortunate accident of losing all your details.


Prerequisite for how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer

 If you want to use this method, there are some prerequisites that you should note:


1. The Find My Phone feature is already enabled on your phone.


2. You must know the Apple ID and password that you have signed in with this iPhone.


3. You should have connected the locked iPhone to the internet.


Suppose the feature is not already enabled on your iPhone. Or you do not have a backup. In that case. You may need the help of a third-party tool. Which is our second way to discuss further in the article.


You can Reset iPhone using iCloud's Find My Phone


First Open the browser and visit


Then Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID and password. Remember that your ID's password is different from your phone's passcode.


Then Seek for Find iPhone and tap it.


Then Tap All Devices and select your device from the drop-down list for your information the device you want to reset should already be listed.


And finally, Select Erase iPhone and confirm by tapping Erase.


The above steps will easily reset your iPhone and make it like a new device. It will also remove your passcode.


The fastest way to reset iPhone without a passcode (iOS 15 supported)


Your iPhone can be unlocked using iTunes without just a passcode. There are some basic steps. If followed, can easily unlock your iPhone. However, using iTunes to unlock is usually not recommended for the imperfections that exist. This will help how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer.

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The procedure may be simple but comes with the following disadvantages:


Problem 1. If you haven't synced iPhone with your iTunes before, you can't use iTunes to fix the problem.


Problem 2. iTunes Internet connection may be unstable when you try to use it to reset your locked iPhone.


Problem 3I. Try recovery mode with iTunes to reset your iPhone without passcode and computer. Unfortunately, you may get your iPhone at risk of getting stuck in recovery mode problems.


So it is not recommended to use iTunes to reset your locked iPhone. But no worries, the problem will be solved easily if you can try using WooTechy sidelock. This is a third-party tool and saves you the hassle of coming with iTunes. It is an all-in-one solution for decrypting and unlocking the iOS. Tools can help avoid all kinds of problems, including iCloud account, Apple ID, screen passcode, screen time passcode, iTunes backup lock, iTunes backup encryption settings, and MDM lock with excellent functionality.


WooTechy sidelock is one of the preferred ways to unlock any passcode, change Apple ID, create a new one, fix the disabled ID problem, and turn off Find My iPhone.


It is an excellent tool for unlocking various locks and provides numerous benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits that will catch your eye.



Frequently Asked Questions about forgetting iPhone passcode.


To keep your iPhone safe from hackers and external sources, it is advisable to maintain a strong passcode to prevent this from happening.


The following tips will help you most:


Q 1. What happens when you forget your iPhone passcode many times?


If you do not know the original passcode of your iPhone, many wrong attempts to unlock it will disable your iPhone for security reasons. Then you will see the message "iPhone inactive" on the iPhone lock screen.


Q 2. Can I reset locked iPhone photos without data loss?


Suppose you don't have a backup of your locked iPhone. In that case, sadly, there is no official way to reset your iPhone without deleting the data. Apple does this to protect iPhone users from security risks.


Q 3. Can I use Siri to unlock and reset my iPhone if I forget the passcode?


This method to unlock the iPhone can only work for iOS 8/9/10 and cannot reset iPhone without the Siri passcode. So you may not be able to do this, especially in later iOS versions which should be good news for iPhone users beyond security considerations.



The methods mentioned above are great, easy, and faster to unlock and reset your iPhone without a passcode and computer. However, you can also go to an Apple store and report their problems to their team. If you are the real owner of the iPhone, they will be more than happy to help you. You can make a phone call to their support team or request an appointment at the Apple Store. Or you can turn to WooTechy sidelock for help, which can quickly and easily reset an iPhone without a passcode. Now it supports iOS 15. Just download and try it.