How to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings Can Keep You from Marrying the Wrong Person

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How to factory reset HP Laptop from Starter

Your HP laptop probably served as a trusted companion. And you want to know how to reset an HP laptop to factory settings. Perhaps you have personalized your desktop to your liking and installed every application you need.

Reasons to reset the laptop: How to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings

Before you know how to reset an HP laptop to factory settings or. You should first consider why you should do so it.

Perhaps the machine was not running as smoothly as it once did. There may be conflicts that are nowhere to be seen.

Still, you may have decided to reuse your laptop or even sell it. All of this may be a valid reason to reset a factory.

Factory reset HP laptop on Windows

Assuming there is no problem that prevents you from logging in to Windows, this may be a direct (if not quick) solution. That may solve how to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings.

Bring the option to reset this PC

You can type reset or reset this PC in the search box of the taskbar.

Select Start

This option is available under-recovery.

Keep your files or remove everything

You need to make an important and instant decision here:

Files Keep my files or remove everything

If you want to continue using this laptop. it may be a wise decision to keep those files and make them save first. On the other hand, if the machine leaves your possession, you will probably clean everything. And may solutions of How to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings.

If so, make sure you keep anything (such as important documents and pictures, for example).

Follow the prompts that you choose, and give Windows the details (key to remove, where to go, etc.) to finish the process.

Option to log in to Windows

There are multiple ways to reset your computer. If for some reason you can't log in to Windows, you can always boot into a recovery environment.

Press F11 when booting your laptop

Press F11 while the screen is blank. You may have to press this function key repeatedly.

Select Troubleshoot from the options screen

Select Reset this PC

Click Keep My Files or Remove Everything

Again, follow the prompts to determine in detail what you're removing and where. After going through these options, make sure to reset and the rest of Windows will work.

Reset HP laptop to factory settings in the option of BIOS

In addition to resetting Windows, it is also possible that you have previously made changes to the BIOS of HP laptops.

If you think these are contributing to some Windows issues - or you just want to restart everything from scratch. Either way, you can also reset it to factory defaults.

Press the F10 key while booting up

You may have to hit this key more than once while the screen is black.

Press the F9 key from the BIOS

Wait for the confirmation dialog and select Yes.

Press the F10 key to save settings

This will prompt you to save and exit. After doing this, the machine will restart.

Consider updating drivers for improved performance

You may have decided to do a factory reset because of the performance of your laptop. If you find that your mobile machine no longer seems to be running as smoothly as before, there are other possibilities to consider. This will meet How to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings.


Windows was designed to run on all kinds of computers and interfaces with all kinds of hardware.


Every computer has a device, starting from your keyboard to different types of Bluetooth devices (etc.). This hardware requires code to communicate with your machine's software. This code is the driver of the device.


Over time, these device drivers will need to be updated. Otherwise, the problems will manifest themselves in different forms.

As well as relying on Windows, try to find the right driver, whether you want to do it yourself or let the professional software handle the task.


Manually update your drivers

Once you've identified the correct one, you can find the device by going to Windows' Device Manager.

Right-click on the device and select the updated driver.

Automate the task of keeping drivers current

There is always an easy choice. Software, such as driver support, can automate the process of finding and installing drivers for you.

Try this time-saving shortcut

The software will list your computer for all the active devices we support during installation. Once fully registered, the service will automatically update drivers for you.

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Automatic driver updates

Since 1996, Driver Support has believed that in order to eliminate the hassle of keeping drivers running, Driver Support will list all active devices on your computer.

You can avoid the arduous task of manually identifying each driver. Download Driver Support today for more help.

If drivers have always been a problem, you can reset your method instead of laptops.