How to Remove Battery from Asus Laptops:Better guide for all

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How to Remove Battery from Asus Laptops: A better guide for all

You want to learn how to remove the battery from the Asus laptop. Thank you for choosing an ASUS laptop. Hope this guide will help you remove and replace your battery in an easy way without problems.


Here explain step by step how to do it in a very detailed and clear way. Removing the battery is very important for any kind of laptop But before that please read the article carefully. And check if all the steps in your model match with these in the list below. So that you can learn how to remove the battery from the Asus laptop.


Process of how to remove the battery from Asus laptop


There are some models of ASUS laptops out there that have non-removable batteries. So you won't be able to replace them (for example K53E, A53SV, etc.). You can find more information about this issue. If this is not relevant for your model, continue reading the steps below. It is more reliable for how to remove the battery from the Asus laptop.


 To remove your laptop battery first you will have to turn off the computer and discharge it.


        Turn off your laptop and remove the AC power adapter if connected.

        Remove all peripherals (if attached) such as a mouse, camera, etc.

        Press and hold the power button for about 5-10 seconds.


This will drain power from components such as. CMOS battery (it's a small one located inside the laptop), RAM memory chips, etc.


        Pull out any memory modules or sim cards installed on your machine. This can be done by pushing them perpendicularly with your fingers and sliding them out of their slots. If there is no way to do this you can skip this step. (Note: install them back after you finish replacing your battery and before you turn on your laptop).


        Press and hold the battery release latch and slide the removed battery out of its slot. The 'battery release latch' is located between the two metallic hinges. Please note that it might be stuck. To get it free. Push both sides together (to close) very gently with a flat screwdriver or something like this.


        Open the cover of the "C" service hatch


Note: some models have all kinds of covers in different shapes.


To do so remove all screws which are holding down this panel in place. These can be found around in different types of layouts. So if in doubt just look for them using a magnifying glass.


        Remove the screws which are holding down your laptop's keyboard in place and take it off carefully.


Note: depending on your model there might be more or fewer screws. But try to find them all. Also, make sure you do not damage any other parts while removing the keyboard.


        Now that you have removed the first part of the laptop's cover. Go for removing its motherboard's cover by disconnecting cables/ribbons. Connect it to other components inside your machine. What is important here is that you will have to either disconnect. Or completely remove ribbon cables attached to different chipsets.


       In addition, if you have a 'WLAN card' in your machine. Disconnect it from the motherboard by removing its 'WLAN card' ribbon connector. Otherwise, you won't be able to remove/replace the battery in your laptop.


        Locate battery chip on the mainboard


Note: this is the place where it's located in most models.


There are many different chipsets out there. And they can be found at clearly different places depending on their model and manufacturer of course. So it cannot say exactly where mine is located. But you will not have any problems finding it. If you look carefully using a magnifying glass (and use common sense).


        Remove screws holding down battery chips in place by simply unscrewing them.

        Carefully lift up and remove the chip together with its attaching tape.

        Now that you have removed the battery chip you can easily remove your laptop's battery by sliding it out of its slot. (Note: make sure to disconnect any WLAN card attached to the mainboard if needed).

        Lastly, install the new battery back into place. Connect all cables and ribbons, put back the keyboard in place. Replace the motherboard cover and shell casing. I hope you won't have any problems doing this. As long as you follow the steps described here step by step carefully.


        If you still have problems getting it done I would advise hiring a professional who knows what he is doing.


Hope that this will help people having trouble replacing or removing the battery from their Asus laptops. You can also install it in a different way. For example by sliding it in before replacing the mainboard's cover and chip. But do keep in mind that in most cases you will not be able to remove the battery from the laptop when the mainboard is installed in place. This means that the laptop must be opened up first and only then the battery can be replaced/removed. In case you need some additional explanations about the whole process feel free to contact me by leaving your comment at the end of this article.

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Final thought


If you are looking for help with another laptop model do not hesitate to leave a comment. It is best to provide all required information as soon as possible. Also, feel free to share this post on different forums and blogs if it might be useful for other people having problems with Asus laptops.