How To Fix Your Hard Drive When It Has A Problem

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Hard Drive

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Hard drives are one of the most important pieces of your computer system. They store files, programs, and all the data you’ve created. If something goes wrong with them, it can be very frustrating to try to fix. Knowing what causes these malfunctions can help you prevent them in the future. This blog post will teach you how to diagnose hard drive problems and fix them.


 What is a hard drive?

Some people have the impression that a hard drive is just a big mechanical storage device. To some extent this is true, but hard drives are much more than that. They’re a computer with a display and a processor.


However, in modern computers, most of the storage is provided on a solid-state drive (SSD) which is much faster and allows for much better handling of data (file handling). When a computer is connected to the internet or another computer that is running the same operating system as the computer the hard drive is connected to, all the data is exchanged by using the SATA port on the motherboard.


The SATA port is the most common connection type, meaning most modern computers have one of these ports.


Why does my hard drive have a problem?

Easy to identify the problem with hard drives is to look at the options and understand which option is best for you. We have put together this quick guide to help you fix your hard drive problems.


Hard Drive error messages and case studies of hard drive failure


There are a number of popular hard drive error messages and hard drive failure statistics to look up from your hard drive manufacturer. The following screenshots are from Seagate hard drives that failed after only a few months. The 2nd and 3rd hard drive is the recovery disk, this is what is shown if the drive makes it into the computer. You can see the blue disc (caps lock key on) was inserted on the third hard drive, see the failed drive. The 2nd hard drive has the red failure disk.


What will happen if my hard drive has a problem and I don’t fix it?

There are several things that can happen when your hard drive has a problem that you don’t know about. And most of those things can mean that you could have a loss of data on your hard drive. But let’s start with the most likely scenario. It will start showing errors that have no obvious cause or reason. The error might tell you that there is no drive space available. Or that a partition is missing. Or that a partition is locked. Or that you are using a driver that has been discontinued. In any case, you have a hard drive that is completely fucked and you need to take steps to fix it.


But what if it’s really serious. What if your hard drive is completely broken. It’s not responding to your commands and it can’t be fixed.


How do I fix the hard drive when the problem is hardware-related?

My system always seems to heat up when playing online games. I am using two 1TB 3.5 inch hard drives. The other one is in fine shape.




Make sure your CPU's fan is on high and on its heat relief fan. I have never heard of a driver struggling to hold its own when it is running smoothly.




Replace it.




Removing the 5.25"-thick driver from the system will help. Most users are content using the 3.5" drives due to their size and ease of access, however, the use of 3.5" drives does introduce a different problem in that when trying to load a game the internal drives may take much longer to start up or may even stop working.


Yes, this is another good reason to remove the drivers, if you can.


Yes, I use SATA3.


How do I fix the hard drive when the problem is software-related?

Quick Links to Hard Drive Repair Software:


How To Fix The Hard Drive When The Process Is Complete:


How To Fix The Hard Drive When The Process Isn’t Complete:


FAQ About Hard Drive Repair:






Below is a list of suggestions to fix the hard drive when it is stuck.


First, turn the hard drive off using a power screwdriver or a computer ejector tool.


Contact A Professional Repair Company

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Backup your data

Security & Disable Programs


Copy Files


Get A Drive.


Back up your data


All data stored on your hard drive is pretty much one shot in case anything were to go wrong with it. Some computers include data recovery software, so it's a good idea to back up your data first. If this isn't possible, then a full backup should be carried out. You can do this either on a computer or an external drive.


Use antivirus software


A virus is a program that tricks you into giving it access to your computer. It can corrupt your data, and thus it's best to run antivirus software to check for any programs trying to compromise your system.


Disable any program


If you have a program that slows down your computer then disables it.Details Visit: trendsitemreview