How to Fix Water Damaged Laptop : A guide by guide

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How to Fix Water Damaged Laptop: A guide by guide

You should care about how to fix water damaged laptop. If you've ever dropped a glass of water on your laptop, chances are it's become nothing more than an expensive paperweight right now. Don't worry, though; even if the insides are soaked, there is still hope! This Instructable will show you how to fix a water-damaged laptop.


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Most likely, your laptop will not turn on. This is because most laptops have internally connected batteries to the motherboard, and it's doubtful that there has been no damage at all. Before starting this Instructable, be sure that you are prepared to lose whatever was stored on your computer. Also, make sure you have access to another computer for reference purposes. Things get easier once you get more experienced with repairing electronics, but I would recommend keeping a repair manual ready for now. You'll also need some tools, including a Philips head screwdriver (for opening your laptop). A SATA hard drive enclosure (not necessary, but will make things easier for you if your hard drive is still functional) and some common sense.


Open up the laptop for how to fix the water-damaged laptop. Read More: Gaming Monitors: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy.


When opening up your laptop, make sure to remove all screws holding down components like the DVD drive, hard drive cover, ram cover, etc. Be sure to keep track of which screw goes where because they are different sizes, and it could be disastrous if you put a long screw in the wrong spot. Once everything has been removed from your computer's chassis, it should look something like this.


In my case, I have two memory slots underneath the RAM cover for how to fix water damaged laptop. Yours might have more or less depending on what kind of laptop you have. In any case, make sure that you remove both of the memory covers like shown on the right and keep track of which cover belongs where. Also, be careful not to touch anything on the motherboard yet; first, we're going to try and dry it off.


Dry your laptop

As soon as you can, after getting your laptop wet, please remove the battery pack (assuming your computer has one) and set it aside so that it doesn't accidentally short circuit something. If your laptop is still running at this point, there's no need to worry about it immediately shutting down or anything like that. Most laptops shut off automatically when they detect low voltage. Ideally, if you have access to a hairdryer or any means of directing hot air into all the crevices of your laptop, you should start this process as soon as possible. Unfortunately. If your computer is already water-damaged, you don't have much time left. So there's no point in delaying things any further. This would be an excellent time to fix a broken screen.


One reason laptops are often thrown away after they've dropped. Or submerged is that the owner assumes that their entire computer was ruined. The truth is that most laptops can fix up with little more than a new motherboard and lots of patience.

Make sure everything is dry


To make sure everything inside your computer has dried to how to fix water damaged laptop. Prop up your laptop at an angle (like shown below) to let gravity do its work. And leave it alone for a day or two. If you don't have access to an air compressor.  I've found this is the best method for drying everything inside of your laptop. Details Information visit: Trendsitemreview


Replace whatever didn't work


If anything submerged in water was still functional but doesn't work now. You should attempt to replace whatever internal component failed. First, figure out which part failed by using another computer as a reference. And then order yourself a replacement from somewhere like or To find out exactly which part you need, be sure to refer to your repair manual. Or if there isn't one available, you can always take it into a computer shop, and they should be able to figure out what needs replacing based on its model number.


Order yourself a new motherboard


Note that if you don't have another computer to use for reference, determining which part failed will be extremely difficult. If this is the case how to fix water damaged laptop. I would recommend ordering yourself a brand new motherboard. Frequently laptop motherboards are relatively inexpensive. Because they contain components that are also used in desktop computers. Most laptops are just small desktops with useless parts gutted). Sometimes laptop hard drives are relatively easy to replace too, but not always. Again, it depends on the model.


Reassemble your computer, turn it on, and hope for the best


Good luck with your repair. Remember that this guide writes for people. Those who have never opened up their computer before can attempt to fix it themselves. If you don't have much experience working with computer hardware. I would recommend watching a few videos on youtube. About how to replace specific parts in your laptop. So you know what to expect. Search for "[laptop model] teardown". And be sure to include the word "teardown" in the search term if there are many results.


If you still can't get your laptop to turn on after following this guide on how to fix water damaged laptop. That probably means that either the charger isn't providing power or one of the internal parts has failed. In any case, you should seek out professional advice before continuing because doing anything further could damage your motherboard or other components even more.



Do not attempt to disassemble your laptop if you are not comfortable doing so. Laptop repair is complex even for experienced computer technicians. And you run the risk of accidentally breaking something. If this happens, you could end up with expensive repair costs or an unfixable paperweight. Also, high-voltage components. Such as CPUs, power supplies, and batteries. Should always handle by qualified personnel only.


Suppose you're confident that working on laptops is something you'd like to do for a living. In that case, I recommend getting yourself a copy of Laptop Disassembly and Repair: A Visual Guide to Taking it Apart Like a Pro. This guide walks through how to take apart pretty much any laptop safely and includes tons of pictures that illustrate the exact steps needed to complete a repair.


Remove your battery and unplug everything from your motherboard


Warning: Only remove components if you know what you're doing! For example, eliminating laptop RAM modules without first removing power can cause them to become destroyed by high-voltage electricity. And if that happens, they will no longer be able to save or transfer any files from one place to another - so don't let this happen.

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Final thought

Once you've disconnected all the power cables coming from your power source (usually AC adapters) as well as any USB devices plugged into the computer itself, it's time to remove both of those things. To do that, put something thin like a