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How to clean dust from the Laptop fan?

It is very important to know how to clean a laptop fan and many laptops rely on fans to keep them cool. But they can get stuck with dust and dirt. They should know how to clean a laptop fan. Here's how to clean them up, which will make your laptop cool and cool.


Most laptops use a fan to cool components that would otherwise overheat. Usually, a laptop will have one. Or two fans to cool the main processor and graphics chip. Many designs use a heat pipe system to remove heat from these components. The single fan cools a heat sink that connects to the heat pipe. Hitting will have plenty of fins to remove heat. And dust can also build up in these wings, which greatly reduces the cooling efficiency. This will meet how to clean a laptop fan.


Laptop Fan Cleaner for how to clean a laptop fan

Everything is tightly packed to make the laptop as thin as possible so there is very little space for airflow. And this means that even small amounts of dirt as dust can disrupt the functioning of the cooling system.

If your laptop fan is noisy or running frequently or doesn't shut down at all and the first place to look is in the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc). In the Processes tab. You'll see how much each app is using your laptop's resources. But you may need to click 'More Details' to see these statistics.

Look for any app that uses a high percentage of CPU time and this is usually the primary culprit when the fan is running at most speed.

If there is nothing out of the ordinary, you can try cleaning the fan and heatsink. Unfortunately, on many modern laptops. This is not an easy task as it is not designed to open by users. And fans can locate deep inside.

Other laptops have a removable 'service' panel. And that requires only a screwdriver to remove. But going to a fan is the best way to clean it properly.

need to learn to clean a laptop fan using compressed air or air flower machine

If you are not confident in using a screwdriver to break your laptop and grab a can of compressed air. Or if you are worried about using compressed air and try using a camera lens air duster. Vacuum cleaners are not recommended. They are quite ineffective in removing dust from the laptop and they can create static electricity. That you don’t want around the laptop.

 Make sure the laptop is powered before you start and remove the battery if possible. Place the ert vent (or as much as you can get it) on the nozzle vent of the air duster and start removing the dust. Try and stop bending the fan blade using a long plastic object. You will have a hard time removing dirt from a spinning fan.

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How to clean the fan by opening your laptop?

For those who are happy to drive a screwdriver, turn off your laptop. Turn it over, and remove the battery if possible.


If there is one, remove the plastic or metal panel at the base. And hopefully, it will reveal the fan. Your result here will depend entirely on the basis of your laptop model. If you don’t see the fan at all. You need to go one step further and remove the other parts. There are many YouTube videos that show how to differentiate laptops. Just search your Mac and model.


If you can access this fan and you can use a small brush to remove any kind of dirt and dust. If you use compressed air. Do not go too close to the nozzle. And be sure to stop the blades from moving for How to clean a laptop fan.


After you remove the fluff and dust, replace the parts the way you removed them.

Can I replace the fan on my laptop?

Many laptop fans have plastic bearings that do not last forever. If your fan cries out loud (which it didn’t when you first got the laptop). It’s probably time to replace it. Many companies offer you a popular laptop. We've got a lot of Dell, HP, Acer, and Asus fans but you need to find the right laptop model for you.


Before you order anything. Check that you can access the fan and match the dimensions. Or check with the seller to make sure you are getting the right part.

Sometimes, these tasks are best left to the experts so contact your laptop manufacturer or local repair shop for a quote.

Laptop cooling pad

A cheap and easy option is to buy a cooling pad that is basically an external fan of your laptop. You pay more for a well-known brand of pads and less for anonymous pads.

Not only is it convenient to use your laptop on a pad like this, but the cooling effect can make everything cool and cool by removing the burden from the internal fans